Sanders Archie Derby’s

Sanders, the Northampton based shoe makers that are responsible for Mark McNairy’s footwear range have got together with The Mandon Store to produce these Derby shoes with crepe soles exclusively for the shop.

Established in 1873 by William and Thomas Sanders, this shoe company is a proper English institution and one that’s stood the test of time. The offices and factory are still under the original roof, and the company has been kept in the Sanders family for generations. This however doesn’t mean that they’re a stuffy old fashioned shoe makers though. Indeed, as the McNairy collaboration has proved they’re more than happy to try different soles on different styles and this is something they’ve also done here.

The Archie shoe is one of Sanders’ more contemporary offerings. It’s still your classic Derby upper, but one that comes in a flat napped tan suede, which compliments the lighter leather of the Goodyear welt and that lovely light crepe sole unit perfectly. The darker laces add further contrast and the shoes are finished off by being fully lined in natural leather. And thanks to that crepe sole the shoes are incredibly light and comfortable – perfect for the summer months.

If you fancy a pair of these they’re available here: The Mandon Store. For more information on the brand, or to look at other shoes in the collection go here: Sanders

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