Taka Hayashi X VANS Vault Derby TH LX

In a very abstract sense, this seems like a recipe for disaster: take a brogue and add native inspiration. Brogue shoes are one of the breakout hits of the past year, and native design influence is obviously a huge trend that isn’t yet dead – yet these two trends come from entirely disparate worlds. VANS Vault has done justice to both influences in the Derby TH LX – with ample help from Taka Hayashi. As a brogue, it has the quintessential suede upper (with a standard brogue cut), and a layered crepe sole. The native influence – and specifically the triangle pattern – are Taka signatures, which we’ve seen throughout his design for Vans, notably on the Akat, for example. In the Derby TH LX, the triangle pattern is very reserved, and mimics the perforated suede that might be found on a Prada or Bruno Magli loafer. The Derby TH LX is entirely unique though, with inspired details, and Taka has created another beautiful shoe for Vans.

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