North Sea Clothing AW 2010 Collection

Here is some impressive knitwear that is part of the great North Sea Clothing Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection. “The Submariner Sweater was War Office issue to the Royal Navy in both World Wars. In the 1950s motorcyclists adopted them to wear under a Barbour or Belstaff jacket to keep out the cold. They used be available from army surplus stores until about 10 years ago until original supplies “dried up”. These hard-wearing sweaters are manufactured by a family firm in Nottinghamshire, England, using pure new wool and will last for years

the Submariner, the official sweater of the British Navy in WWII. The wool used in its yarns are not washed prior to spinning, consequently the natural lanolin left in the wool means the sweater is essentially waterproof and able to keep out even the most bitter chill.

Available exclusively at the Garbstore, this simple understated plain turtle neck is 100% pure new wool and completed with Garbstore own NSC stencilling added, this is as the plain Submariner, with black body, navy arms this makes for a compelling product.

In addition the Expedition Sweater, available in white and navy, this shawl neck sweater is made of the same wool as the Submariner, a 5 gauge knitting British wool from the same factory in Nottingham. It’s based on a 1930s original sweater and is a slightly different fit to the submariner. The arm patch (shown in detail in the attachments) is a replica of the Sunbeam owners’ club run to Brighton which has been going  for the last 71 years. It’s all in the details.


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