Vans Authentic – Inventory Magazine Feature

When it comes to trainers I’ve never been one for big statements. I’m more conscious of the overall picture and combining things in a cohesive way. For me, a shoe represents that make or break element – it needs to interact with an outfit rather than stand alone. I think that’s why I struggle with a lot of trainers. I can appreciate the classics; I’ll watch ‘Do The Right Thing’ and always come away wanting a pair of Jordans or Air Trainers, but when it comes down to it, I just end up admiring them from afar. In reality, I tend to wear more simple things and often don’t wear trainers at all. Growing up I loved Desert Boots and Wallabees, and that hasn’t really changed. When I did branch out, grey Nike Air Epics crept into the rotation, but beyond that I’ve only ever needed one of trainer – the focus of this feature, and possibly my all-time favourite shoe: the MADE IN U.S.A. Vans. Article by Simon Roe

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